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I have been working with CanTrust Financial since 2018. I find the advisors very friendly and approachable. They understand my feelings about the market and work within those risk constraints as well as knowing how to make me explore my uncomfortability by increasing my knowledge.

The CanTrust team has helped me set up a long-term strategy that over 10 years will provide for a secure future for me and my family through life insurance, investments of company profits and benefits for my staff. I have found that I now have a security blanket, growing investments, and a team supporting me.

I liked that CanTrust accepted my fears and offered information and references as well as a package to my lawyer and accountant who ensured that what I was doing was a sound investment in my business and me. They are fully transparent, very supportive, and are always there to help me.

As a result of the investments, I have family security, tax savings, and an additional fund beyond my RRSP. I am also assured that my company can carry on functioning in the event of my death, and that my employees are secure. I am very happy to recommend CanTrust to other business owners as they have been excellent to me.

Mike Seymour
Mike Seymour
Owner, MSR Solutions Inc.

Before working with the team at CanTrust Financial I had no idea that there were sound, proven tax strategies that could drastically allow me to pay less tax and use my insurance to protect my family and at the same time grow my wealth.  What I love about CanTrust is that they provide options that are available to me, in case things change or in case different circumstances arise.

Looking at what Simon and his team have done, I have a much better picture on where we are at financially should something unthinkable happen, and we're growing our net worth faster than would have ever done on our own.

I really value Simon and the entire CanTrust team as they are the type of people and the type of firm, that actually care, about getting to know their clients, in terms of who they are, what they want, what stage of business and life they are in, and then customize something to optimize and maximize what's possible.

I highly recommend Simon Marples and the CanTrust team to anyone who is truly committed to figuring out a better plan as they have the ability to support anyone who is looking for more success, wealth and freedom.

Trevor McGregor
Trevor McGregor
Trevor McGregor Coaching

I have known Simon since 2010.  He is very honest and always responsive; I trust his advice and he is truly knowledgeable about his industry.  It does not matter when I call or email him, he always gets back to me within a few hours, at most.

Simon has built a wonderful team and over the years I have come to know and work with the other team members at CanTrust.  They are truly knowledgeable, professional, responsive and have a great sense of humour.

I like diversification in my investments.  The insurance structures Simon & the CanTrust team have put together for me are another means to diversify my investment portfolio.  Insurance is now in place for my estate planning, and I am minimizing tax at the same time.

It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have a plan in place to assist with my estate planning at minimal cost, when considering the tax savings, while having an investment portfolio building for my retirement, and like all business people, I like to minimize taxes.

Put insurance in place and create a retirement investment plan.  Simon and his CanTrust team are great to work with, and I would recommend qualified business owners call CanTrust Financial to see how you too can minimize taxes and enhance your wealth.  They are honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional, and responsive.

Marvin Kale
Marvin Kale
Kale Enterprises Ltd.

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